Blog…what is that?

Posted on November 13, 2008

Beyond frame is now one month old. It has 20 posts and 20 comments and 554 hits according to the counter. I am wondering why I started to blog and some of my friends who had visited the site on my invitation has asked me what I intend to achieve by blogging. I am wondering my self what I really intend to achieve. There are certain things happening around me which disturb me and annoy me. There was no way I could vent out my feelings and frustrations. I tried to write to national papers. Only few responded to my call. Many declined to publish certain things which I thought were more valuable than what they opted to publish out of my own articles. I thought this would be the platform to start with. At least I could share my thoughts with others who are equally frustrated. After putting up 20 posts within a month now I am bit lost and trying to understand whether this is a worthwhile affair. Many Sri Lankans who are in highest echelons of the public sector even do not know what a blog means! Probably this is true with many others who steer the society. I look like Nasrudeen who searced for the lost key in a place where there was light instead looking for the key at where it was lost.

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