Will the Next Budget Bring More of Those

Posted on November 4, 2008


Once I was to receive a cheque worth Rs. 2100 from an Institution. According to the stamp duty circulars the voucher has to be signed on a five rupee stamp. I got a letter from the particular institution to come and put a stamp on the voucher and to sign on it. The letter itself had a five rupee stamp for postal duty. Cost of envelop, cost of paper, cost of typing and drafting added, it would worth more than Rs. 100. How productive this exercise is when the organization costs are taken in to consideration?


How about the person who need to undergo the hassle in getting the required stamp, going all the way to the place in question, making an additional trip (his time, money, waste of foreign exchange if he uses his own transport) etc and etc. He/she is lucky if the institution is not on holiday, if the subject clerk is not absent, if the people are not on strike etc and etc.


All these mean, the payments are delayed and money circulation is obstructed frustrating businessperson, etc and etc.


Mind you; maximum stamp duty for any transaction is Rs. 50.


Whose brilliant brain is responsible for introducing this stamp duty?


Productivity experts in the country, would you mind making any comments on this absurd reintroduction of stamp duty?


Those re-formulators of this absurd policy would you mind responding?


Will sanity prevails at the end of the day and will this be removed after these glaring experiences noted? (In fact this absurd process was later modified but not totally)  


This is Sri Lanka! Not to be un-done. They are definitely to come with many more. Wait to see the next attraction!

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