Sex, Birth of a Child and a Crime

Posted on October 30, 2008


Place is a leading girls school; a crime normally committed by parents was disclosed by the teacher to the students.

“You are born because your father and mother had misbehaved; you know…. they had sex; which is very …..bad; they should be ashamed of producing you by such an act” said the teacher.

Students looked at each other. They could not believe that their beloved parents had committed a crime out of which they were born.

One such child came home and had even asked this from the mother. Conversation that took place is given below.

“Mother, is it bad to have sex?”

“Who told you?”

“My teacher”

“Yes, darling, what she had told you is right. It is not good”.

“You have had sex with my father?”

“What!”, “Tell me. What happened at school? What did your teacher tell you”.

So the full story was related.

This encounter is true (not fabricated for the blog); told by the mother of the student; my own sister. The teacher is still teaching at the same school. No parent took this issue further. They only have probed and found that the particular teacher is still a bachelor.

If you happened to be the mother in the story, what would have happened?

Do we really have to talk about sex in open or hide it from our children so that they could get misguided by all these odd characters that appear as teachers?  Is there a case for better sex education?

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