LTTE Air Raids: Sign of Strength or Weakness?

Posted on October 29, 2008


Everyone talks about it; but for different reasons.


For some it is taken as an encounter that shows how desperate LTTE is, in the face of defeat. For others it shows how strong LTTE is even after successive military defeats.


For some it only shows that the LTTE is ruthless. For others it only shows that the LTTE is capable.


For some it is the reason for an all out military strategy, without an interval. For others it is a reason to bring a political solution to the war.


In short, what ever happens, it becomes another reason to clinch in to the beliefs we hold.


Air raids come and go. Military defeats and successes will be reported. Whatever the outcome minds won’t change.


People make judgments out of gut feeling using all the prejudices they carry. They only rationalize their judgments, later using logic.  


This air raid only proves this “dharma”.


If any one wants to free from the prison of “gut feeling” he has to detach from conflict (be an outsider). However it is too much to ask from the average Sri Lankans, who are so attached, despite the teachings of Buddha, they claim they follow.



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