Clash of Brains over “Kudu”

Posted on October 28, 2008

This happened in a leading school in Colombo. A student was caught red handed for having “kudu” (drugs) in his custody. He was carrying kudu to be distributed inside the school. He had hidden it inside the folded sleeves of his shirt (sleeves of the long sleeve shirt folded as it has been the practice among the school going children).

Once this was revealed the active brains of the disciplinary committee had an emergency session and decided that in future students would not be allowed to wear long sleeves shirts. One week notice was to be given for the change.

This decision required parents to incur additional cost, which was to be borne in the name of safety of children. At the face value of it, it is not a very bad idea; keeping children out of a danger.

This was implemented and now the students don’t wear long sleeve shirts anymore.

But the problem is those decision makers never thought there are other ways this could be brought in to the school; those for me seems to be safer than having kudu in the sleeve. One is bringing it inside the underwear. Next time when a student hides kudu inside the underwear the school has to prohibit children wearing under-wears as well.

Some body might say if it helps students to be protected from such a menace it might not be a bad idea too. Somebody even might accuse me for suggesting ideas for students (this accusation, I would not accept, because to my knowledge the young are more innovative than me). I like to see if you have any other bright ideas to be given to the disciplinary committee. Have your say.

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