Sigiriya Frescos – if not sexual it is at least indecent

Posted on October 22, 2008

 All were there; educationists, patriots, historians, religious leaders, police officers and even representatives of the cultural ministry.

 Debate was hot.

 One said that it is not good to expose growing up children to the nude Sigiriya frescos. The other said not only children but also adults should be restricted; they were of the view that one could get ideas after looking at those which might lead to raping of women and hence the large majority should be kept out of the pictures.


Another said that these nude pictures which you cannot find anywhere else in Sri Lanka, is a conspiracy of the imperialists, who wanted to defeat us, by polluting our minds. He further said that they have some how other influenced Kashyapa so that the total nation having exposed to these dangerous pictures could be subjugated later. He said conspiracy to defeat us as a nation was present even in the past as evident by these pictures and he was quick to brand Kashyapa as a traitor.


Education ministry was criticized for putting these pictures in text books and one said that there again probability of a conspiracy cannot be ruled out.


One suggested giving clothes to cover the bare breasts in way of painting. Others insisted that a cultural police should be set up at Sigiriya and only researchers, if at all, should be allowed to see them in future with proper permission obtained from the Ministry. Some even suggested to apply tar as was done in the past once.


It was revealed that if we can prevent people watching pron, stop them drinking alcohol and getting them to become vegetarians, not only they can be healthy but also peaceful and disciplined. So doing some thing at Sigiriya seems to be the obvious choice. The discussion continued while the writer of the post had fallen sleep and hence could not cover the rest of the proceedings.


Any one who was with the crowd that day are free to give us the balance coverage. 

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