Right in Wrong and Wrong in Right!

Posted on October 21, 2008

Ruvini, aged 9 years, attends a Buddhist Sunday School. The teacher one day asked the students who eat meat to raise their hand. Ruvini and few others raised their hands.


There followed a lecture of the consequences of eating meat and killing animals for meat.


After another week the students were again asked the same question (show hands those who still eat meat?). Only Ruvini’s hand went up. Then came the barrage of criticisms out of the teacher’s mouth that Ruvini could not stand. The crying girl was asked not to come to the class if she wishes to continue eating meat.


In the interval, Sachini asked Ruvini, why she raised her hand.


Ruvini, looked at Sachini, and told her she did it because she did eat meat even last night.


I ate too, Sachini said; But, I could guess what would happen to me if I raised my hands and therefore I didn’t. You should have thought twice before raising your hand. It is stupid to expose yourself like that. I am sure there could be many more eating meat in the class.


Who was right here? Ruvini, Sachini or the teacher?


Think beyond the frame and post your answer.

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