“Katussa” was “Man-handled” by an Elephant

Posted on October 20, 2008

Once upon a time a “Katussa” (a lizard) living in the jungle was “humiliated” and “man-handled” by the King of the Jungle; an Elephant.

“Katussa” determined to take revenge went inside the trunk of the Elephant, the King, which made the King sick and furious. After a fierce battle and persuaded by “Veda Ralahami” (the Doctor in the jungle) he came out of the trunk victoriously. Just reminding the name made the King run for life, there after.

It is all in the children’s story written by my Guru, Kumarathunga Munidasa; “Heen Seraya”.

It reminds of my early childhood; where we learnt about life, through stories.

When I recall the story, I can only think of the ability of a true “Master”. What an ability; what a story; what an illumination.

But the nation did not have one tenth of that wisdom.

It is time to read the “Guru” again, by the whole nation. It is a real “Kiyavana Nuwana” if it is read with the intention to learn.

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